The Energy360 Solution

For more than a decade, SEM Hunt has been helping clients in Mexico ensure optimal return on their investment in advanced meters by connecting with SEM Hunt's Energy360 program. With access 24 hours and day, seven days a week, Energy360 makes visible your energy usage. SEM Hunt analysts read and analyze five-minute interval data to summarize and provide you a concise picture of your energy consumption.

The Energy360 difference enables SEM Hunt to help empower organizations by developing action plans that can significantly reduce energy consumption by changing daily usage patterns or making adjustments in asset management.

SEM Hunt will perform an assessment of the site and create a meter plan to study usage of key assets, such as HVAC or refrigeration. SEM Hunt will supply, set up and commission the electrical sub-metering equipment to receive secure transmission of data. SEM Hunt only works with high-quality, trusted and reliable strategic partners to provide exceptional equipment with sufficient warranties.

Services Include:

  • Personalized energy reports and alerts via email and/or through Hunt's secure customer platform.
  • Action items to help you duplicate optimal energy patterns across multiple locations within your organization to achieve the greatest savings possible.
  • Action items that could help extend the lifecycle of some assets.
  • Reliable, superior customer attention and ability to move quickly.
  • Tariff behavioral reports and electricity costs.
  • Evaluation and audits of new technologies (illumination systems, refrigeration systems, etc.).
  • Comparative analysis of Comisión Federal de Electricidad bills.
  • A basis to measure and evaluate energy efficiency policies.